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Our Philosophy

We strive to create a quality customer experience through honesty, transparency, reliability, quality work, accountability, and building customer relationships that last a lifetime.

Atlantis Home Services uses a flat rate service call charge method of $99 which includes the service call AND full diagnosis of your machine. Whether it takes us 5 minutes or 5 hours to diagnose your problem, it is all covered under the $99 service call.

The Air Conditioning industry in Southwest Florida is becoming more and more of showing value but not really giving any. The $19 service call looks good at first glance, but that is never what you pay. Most if not all companies that use this method start adding fees as soon as the technician steps inside your door. With this business model, you actually pay more for a technician that knows less. If it takes a good technician 15 minutes to diagnose your issue and a less experienced technician an hour to diagnose your issue, you are paying more for the less experienced technician. Not to mention this is putting a lot of pressure on yourself the customer by constantly keeping watch of the time, but also the technician who is trying to work as fast as he/she can (hopefully) to keep your bill as low as possible.